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  • 03:43 I have the U2/YouTube webcast streaming in the background at work (the re-cast now) and that's one seriously impressive stage. #u2webcast #
  • 03:47 I wonder if Google/YouTube will be releasing stats on the worldwide bandwith this webcast used - I'd bet it is a record. #u2webcast #
  • 04:59 The #u2webcast started replaying again - I keep missing bits since I'm at work and that comes first, of course. It is in the background. #
  • 05:02 @arielwaldman It should be off - sounds like a standard gas valve and perpendicular to the pipe is off. #
  • 05:03 When the #u2webcast we live I was gett ing a 500kbps stream with hiccups - now I'm getting 1000kbps fairly constant. Fewer viewers less load? #
  • 05:06 @bonniegrrl @davenavarro6767 Perhaps it says more about Darth Vader's power of imagination than any power Obi-Wan achieves in death. #
  • 05:56 Script tags! RT @mostlylisa: xkcd says farewell to Yahoo Geocities. xtra easter eggs in the source code for geeky folks. #
  • 06:09 @jephjacques It's future retro, how does he do it?! #
  • 07:35 @jprovo Me too. It cracked me up. #
  • 12:26 @oliviamunn A little duct tape will fix that right up, Liv Munny. #
  • 13:04 Oooh, is that technolust I feel? I like. #

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