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My tweets from the past day...

  • 04:37 @ryanblock #1 - SD to HD #
  • 19:19 I'm not a very good touch typist, but still, being forced to type one handed is very frustrating. Thumb typing on my Treo is actually easier #
  • 19:21 I wonder if anyone makes a USB or Bluetooth thumbboard that can be used with a PC? I know, chorded keyboards are the real answer. #
  • 20:27 I find it odd that while my shoulder carries the weight of my arm all the time, with a light cast and the arm immobilized I feel it more. #
  • 20:34 Just helped someone from Oakland, CA with a question about *television* ...on Aardvark! #
  • 22:26 I think I'm going to take the plunge and migrate my email to Google Apps. Now - Standard or Premier? Thoughts? #
  • 23:06 I've been enjoying @smacktwin's appearances on The Digg Reel lately. #

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