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  • 02:06 Just helped someone from Oakland, CA with a question about *Wordpress* ...on Aardvark! #
  • 05:08 @christineptran No luck with the TwitPic plugin? #
  • 05:10 @loresjoberg Perhaps the dreaded taquitopire sucked out the filling. #
  • 05:12 I'm adopted myself, no intention to search like this guy. RT @nerdist: Worst. Adoption story. EVER. (via @DrewAtHitFix) #
  • 05:13 @shwood Internet time, it ages you quickly. #
  • 05:25 @chrispirillo "When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?" Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. #
  • 05:32 @AvWeekBenet Likely to keep costs down - MS-Office costs a lot, even wholesale, in comparison to the price on most netbooks. #
  • 05:32 @AvWeekBenet Personally I use instead - free and performs well. MS-Office is too bloated. #
  • 05:39 @Ridd1e Kung Fi #
  • 05:41 Twitter spam &q uot;Come See Britney Hilton XXX Videos", gave me the nightmare vision of a two-headed Britney/Paris gestalt. #
  • 06:20 @Scobleizer The new AT&T adds would be so much better without that "Can your phone and your network do that?" dig at the end. #
  • 06:21 Awesome news! RT @arnehess: RT @theunwired - EXPANDED: Google Maps Navigation now available for Android 1.6 Smartphones #
  • 06:22 I've been using Google Maps Navigation on my Droid and I *love* it - works great, no need for any other GPS device. Now on other phones. #
  • 07:23 @jprovo That's why we need to go exploit... er, explore the Moon, Mars, asteroids, etc. ;-) Water on the moon? Bottle it, screw Fiji - Luna! #
  • 07:28 The phrase "Nazi Superman" made me think of Nazi Superman - alt-verse where Kal-El landed in, say, the Rhineland instead of Kansas.. #
  • 08:10 @Kajivar The adoption thing? Yeah - surprise! #
  • 08:11 @Kajivar Re: decimate - my best friend is one of said dicks, and having known him for so long it has infected me and I notice it misused. #
  • 09:37 @blackcoat Yeah, I knew about Red Son . #
  • 09:59 RT @MotoMobile: Get $50 off the Motorola CLIQ- the only phone with MOTOBLUR- Black Friday weekend 11/27-29 at T-Mobile! (Restrictions apply) #
  • 13:58 @msilbey I never liked Joist. Their original UI was a maddening mess. Once they became just another streaming site it was all over. #
  • 14:54 @christineptran That was me on vark. :-) I bet that's what it is, making it writable is part of the install guide. #
  • 19:12 RT @tivodesign TiVo is returning to the UK with Virgin Media: #

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