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  • 00:18 @TiVoBlog except the old Psyche and the DVD units with TiVo Basic. #
  • 00:57 @TiVoBlog I think they can do OTA with one of the converter boxes - well, maybe not the S1s #
  • 01:00 @weaKneesTiVo The original S1s did OTA without a sub, and the Toshiba and Pioneer DVD units with TiVo Basic do OTA without a paid sub. #
  • 01:01 @weaKneesTiVo Now, both are NTSC, not ATSC, but I believe at least the DVD units (which are S2s) support ATSC converter boxes. #
  • 01:03 @jephjacques Simple, you're a god. #
  • 01:42 @pnkrcklibrarian Maybe they meant the laminate was all real bamboo? And the ceramic was, I don't know, volcanic glass? ;-) #
  • 02:34 Easy solution to limit AT&T usage, dump them and get a Droid RT: @mashable AT&T CEO Wants iPhone Users to Limit Usage - #
  • 03:19 @justinemusk I'm awake because I work 3rd shift. ;-) #
  • 08:39 @Ihnatko Cool, what on? #
  • 09:36 A failed school shooting, fortunately this guy just stupid. Idiots like this make life shitty for legit gun owners #
  • 13:41 RT @CaliLewis Amazon's new Disc+ On Demand service - buy a DVD or Blu-ray and get the option to watch immediately #
  • 13:44 @AlisonatVark How about an Android Aardvark app? Is one in the works? #
  • 15:04 Yes, that was my home phone - no big deal, it is all over the place online. I never answer that phone, goes to a machine. ;-) #
  • 15:24 Hmm, has my Facebook stoppe d getting my Tweets as status updates? #
  • 15:39 @MichaelTurk Thanks, I'll give it some time. #

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