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My tweets from the past day...

  • 02:48 @mariancall Heisenberg #
  • 03:11 Interesting RT @TechCrunch Google In Discussions To Acquire Yelp For A Half Billion Dollars Or More by @arrington #
  • 03:19 RT @MotoDroid "American consumers are now considering the purchase of an Android almost as often as the iPhone." #
  • 03:22 @Nehalia Congratulations! #
  • 03:30 @lizzielizzie Just get one that plugs in. Or recharges. ;-) #
  • 03:53 I've failed at sleeping the past two nights, got maybe 2 hours each night - and tonight that was from oversleeping. TGIF, I need to crash. #
  • 03:54 And fuck it is cold, it was 5F in Worcester when I left home - and of course my low tire pressure warning light came on, so I had to air up. #
  • 03:55 Filling my tires at 01:00 in 5F weather, plus high winds, is not the way I like to start my day. Glad I finally bought a hat recently. #
  • 04:09 Friday plan: leave work on time (not 4-6hrs late), sleep, then get up to see Nancy, dinner at Melting Pot in Providence, then Avatar IMAX. #
  • 04:19 @bonniegrrl Oh man, I'll never forget Dark Star. Cheesy movie, but I love it. "Let there be light." *boom* #
  • 04:21 I'll need to rewatch Dark Star soon RT @bonniegrrl: R.I.P. #horror #scifi screenwriter/director Dan O'Bannon - #
  • 04:22 @simonpegg Dark Star is a classic, I love that movie. Low budget, but just fun. Why sentient weapons are a bad idea - "Let there be light." #
  • 08:33 RT @OEDN Videotron become the first cable company in Canada to offer “Tru2Way” service using Samsung’s DVR... #< /li>
  • 08:46 @geektonic The Geek Tabnic? #
  • 09:47 Is the Motorola Backflip Android phone coming to AT&T? I don't know, Android 1.5 doesn't cut it anymore methinks - 1.6+ #
  • 09:54 RT @aots: Check out @kpereira's special interview with Avatar's James Cameron! Watch it here: #
  • 10:36 This is totally awesome, even if only geeks & coders get it. The exercises killed me. #
  • 10:42 Just helped someone from SF, CA with a question about *microwave* ...on Aardvark! #
  • 10:43 @saschasegan See it in 2D if you need to. #
  • 10:46 @geekgirldiva At least it isn't another 18 holes joke. #
  • 11:35 @Tireguy Nothing new there, it is what Sling has always said. My sources tell me they aren't working on it at all at this time. #
  • 13:22 I always hear More Human Than Human when I see the name RT @jkOnTheRun Hands on With the Google Nexus One #
  • 21:57 Dinner at Melting Pot was great, now off to Avatar! #

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