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  • 01:21 Go see Avatar immediately! In IMAX 3D if you can. Cameron just raised the bar for mocap, CGI, and 3D - all at the same time. Go now! #avatar #
  • 02:29 @Jon_Favreau It was awesome, and no. IMAX in Providence, RI, no trailers at all. #
  • 02:45 The story is the weak point in Avatar. A pretty standard Noble Savage tale, colonialism bad, m'kay? With bonus 'environmentalism good'. #
  • 02:48 But I thought it was well executed - and if the VFX don't win the Oscar then the Academy is high. Goddamn Avatar is gorgeous! #Avatar #
  • 02:52 I seriously forgot I was watching CGI. It isn't just real, it is hyper-real. Other directors will curse it for setting the bar high. #Avatar #
  • 03:04 #Avatar thought - think this is the same universe as Aliens? And did I mention how good it looks? It jumped clear over the uncanny valley. #
  • 15:10 @LW_Will Yeah, they nailed skin. I couldn't tell real humans from CG, not even sure what the mix was. And the N'avi were amazing. #Avatar #
  • 15:13 @conway2 It would be air mix, not pure O2. Pure O2 is not a healthy environment. Probably not highly pressurized, just above ambient. #
  • 20:11 @CaliLewis If you can change the file permissions via FTP turn off the execute bit on the .php file(s), and maybe the read bit. #
  • 20:22 @Veronica But you'll have Dunkies to help cope. #
  • 20:25 Hey @lizzielizzie, no cord or batteries... RT @GuyKawasaki Earth-friendly vibrator for the horny hippie #
  • 20:28 @jtoeman See it for the game changing 3D and CGI. Seriously, it sets a new bar, and sets it VERY high. #Avatar #
  • 21:09 RT @amazondeals Lightning Deal! $25.00 - J&D's Baconnaise Ultimate Bacon Lover's Gift Pack tinyur #
  • 23:53 Just helped someone from Knoxville, TN with a question about *web cam* ...on Aardvark! #

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