MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

So how should I get to Otakon?

I could drive - but that is a ~8 hour trip, IIRC, and I'd have to leave REAL early Friday to be there at a decent time, or take off Thursday and stay an extra night. Then it'd eat up Monday on the return (I am staying Sunday - I know from history that at the end of the con I like to just wind down and chill - not dash off to get home fast).

I could use the opportunity to try the Acela - and it is tempting. It is still a 6 hour train ride from South Station to Baltimore, but it is riding, not driving. So I could sleep, watch the scenery, etc. And I like trains, even though I rarely ride one. Looks like it'd be $341 Business Class or $515 First Class for the round trip. Hmm... I don't know, I'll have the expenses from my big trip to AX that I'll still be paying off, then the hotel costs of Otakon... I don't know if I can justify this just for the experience.

Or I could fly - effectively for free. I have enough frequent flier miles that I could fly first class back and forth across the country several times - I've been earning a lot more miles a year than I redeem, for many years. For I short flight like this I might just go coach, save the 15k of miles...

While it is kind of dull, I guess the rational thing to do is fly since it'll cost me the least (even with parking at Logan for a few days - and yes, I know about airport vans. Those who know me also know how good I am at being ready on time and not needing to rush).

I don't have to book the trip just yet - so I guess it depends a bit on if I'm going alone. If I have someone to drive with, it isn't so bad. And I haven't really taken my car on a long trip yet.

Decisions, decisions... At least I have a hotel room (albeit a smoking room) and I'm pre-registered for the con now.
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