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My tweets from the past day...

  • 01:11 @blam Why yes, yes I did. And I'm sure my inbox pales in comparison to yours. #
  • 06:19 @snipeyhead Can you have unlawful sexual intercourse while being open and honest about it? (I suppose, there are stupid blue laws...) #
  • 06:26 @snipeyhead I just love the double-dipping there - 'sexual intercourse under false pretenses' seems like enough, the 'unlawful' is just salt #
  • 06:33 @snipeyhead Ow. #
  • 06:36 @snipeyhead Sure, but that still hurt. :-) #
  • 06:38 @snipeyhead You always hurt the ones you love. #
  • 06:41 @snipeyhead I think they have that in Hollywood for movie FX - shredded plastic, salt, Styrofoam, etc. You want the real stuff, you get cold #
  • 07:05 @snipeyhead BTW, it is the 5th, you promised to have the WIndows Hypnotoad out before you returned to work on the 6th. ;-) #
  • 07:28 About time M-Cards got exploited more RT @davezatz: Ceton to unveil CableCARD Quad-Tuner ($399) at CES tomorrow: < a href="">#</a>
  • 07:40 I wonder if Google will announce anything more than the Nexus One at their shindig later today... #
  • 07:43 (I still can't hear/see that name without hearing "I am the Nexus One / I want more life, fucker / I ain't done" in my head, thx @RWZombie.) #
  • 07:54 @wahiggins3 Well, the geek crowd does, but I expect the mainstream media will cover the announcement today either way. #
  • 08:26 Watching all the tweets from people on their way to CES is torture... #
  • 08:51 @ThatKevinSmith Hero juana sounds like what gives Bluntman and Chronic their powers, like Spinach to Popeye. #
  • 09:07 @ThatKevinSmith Remake "You've Got Mail' as "You've Got Tweets" (I know YGM was already a remake of The Shop Around the Corner.) #
  • 09:27 @watchinginkdry Hello... do I know you? (I don't recognize the nick.) #
  • 09:57 @saschasegan @msilbey Before the OhMiBod there was the iBuzz, and before that the Audi-Oh! Ideas keep repeating... #
  • 10:40 @watchinginkdry Oh, hi. :-) #
  • 11:25 Drinking my first Red Bull in many weeks - need the some boost, just ran out of energy and still have some work before going home. #
  • 11:59 @ThatKevinSmith One day Fred Phelps is going to rip off his mask to reveal Andy Kaufman. #
  • 13:31 RT @Scobleizer: 7,500 watching live now at LIVE NOW FROM GOOGLE ANDROID CONF #
  • 13:46 Google/HTC Nexus One *is* coming to Verizon as well as T-Mobile. #
  • 14:41 @Gartenberg He said earlier the Droid was getting 2.1 soon #
  • 15:25 RT @saschasegan I'm not at the Google event, but I am seeing new Android smartphones:,2817,2357652,00.asp #
  • 17:02 A Red Bull for the road, then finally home. Totally drained, want my bed. #
  • 18:56 Home, home again. #
  • 19:03 I'm so ready to sleep, but I really must eat first. I already feel wonky from low blood sugar, and I'd just wake up worse. Must eat & crash. #< /li>

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