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My tweets from the past day...

  • 02:14 @ryan - I wish we had the source URL so we could, one-by-one, correct Pratik and just see how long he would continu #
  • 02:51 I don't really care about NBC's late night TV shenanigans, but I'm amused by Conan letting NBC have it. He's not happy: #
  • 06:37 @ryan - animefr33k I wouldn't presume he's a troll, I encounter people that stupid far too often. I could only hope #
  • 07:09 @choochoobear I was a senior staffer for AX fr om 1992-2002, and #2 staffer for AXNY in 02. I can't say I'm surprised by the latest drama. #
  • 07:11 Not a huge deal, IMHO, but interesting RT @DroidBuzz: Android 2.0.1 security flaw allows bypass of DROID screen lock: #
  • 07:16 I rated a YouTube video (4 out of 5 stars) -- Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Bottle Of Gin? #
  • 07:25 DAMN! RT @engadget: Google imposes $350 early termination fee for subsidized Nexus One in addition to carrier's own ETF #
  • 07:27 I'm still unhappy about missing CES, but mainly because I didn't get to see the usual crowd - the show itself seems to have been pretty dull #
  • 07:29 I'm a bit surprised TiVo had nothing to say (publicly) about new products - the TiVo Premier & 11n adapter (leaks), and the new DirecTiVo? #
  • 07:33 I am personally looking forward to 3D TV, mostly for 3D movies, but I probably won't get one for a while. I bought my HDTV in 2006, too new. #
  • 08:08 Sling's CES announcements weren't much better than TiVo's, Android & Flash player support is cool, all the OEM product announcements? Blah. #
  • 14:05 Just helped someone from Beaver Dam, KY with a question about *Home* ...on Aardvark! #

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