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My tweets from the past day...

  • 01:52 I am wearing a HUGE fucking happy hat right now. EPICLY HUGE. Possibly even ginormous. I advise staying away from me for a while... #
  • 02:11 I should've stayed home tonight. My one hour commute took close to three, and the snow was so wet and heavy that I had to pull off the road. #
  • 02:18 When I pulled off to clear the snow off my wipers I pulled into a parking lot - and slid into a curb and fucked up my left front wheel, bad. #
  • 02:19 I took chunks out of the alloy wheel, there is a shimmy starting around 50mph now, and my alignment is way off. I really didn't need this. #
  • 02:23 And then, later in th trip, my Enhanced St ability Program/Braking Assist System warning light came on, don't know if it is related or not. #
  • 02:24 I expect this will cost me several weeks worth of pay to repair - not worth being dedicated and driving in for one night. #
  • 02:24 @lizzielizzie *hugs8 #
  • 02:24 @lizzielizzie Errr, *hugs*. ;-) #
  • 02:53 @bonniegrrl The pitch "It's Ghost Rider meets TMNT! Kids'll love it!" #
  • 02:57 @bonniegrrl Gleam ing the Cube 2? #
  • 03:04 @bonniegrrl We need a Christian Slater / Nic Cage buddy flick. #
  • 03:10 @bonniegrrl Gleaming Las Vegas? Pump Up The Rock? #
  • 03:11 @bonniegrrl Heck, so do some of the legit titles. ;-) #
  • 03:12 @bonniegrrl Get Nic Cage to guest on Burn Notice as a character like the arms dealer in Lord of War. ;-) #
  • 03:17 @bonniegrrl Yeah, it would be several fla vors of awesome. I love that show. #
  • 03:18 @geekacademic Sorry to hear it - and sorry I didn't see your tweet in time on Friday to come to Nick's. #
  • 03:36 Damn, the stress of the drive, and the stress of what I did to my car, gave me a massive headache which Excedrin hasn't dented. Lovely night #
  • 06:05 So Avatar and Cameron won at the Golden Globes... I think Avatar might have the staying power to be the first $2 billion film. #
  • 09:05 @jprovo Thanks. #
  • 09:06 Just called my insurance, sounds like la st night might be covered - except my $500 deductible. Still, probably a savings. #
  • 09:27 @RandyTheRandom I think the rim might be more than $500 actually, that's just the deductible - and oh yeah, my alignment is FUBAR right now. #
  • 11:15 @BrianLynch It is heartwarming to see the little players get recognized. #
  • 13:20 The damage to my wheel: #
  • 13:55 RT @weaKneesTiVo New promo @ WeaKnees - get a 2TB TiVo HD XL w/a TiVo Wireless G adapter for $799 - save $159! See #

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