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  • 02:41 So, how's everyone? I've had an... interesting past several days. Still feel a bit out of phase with the rest of the world. #
  • 02:46 Worked to exhaustion Wed-Thur, so I crashed at Nancy's instead of going home.Stuck around to go to dinner then headed home Fri night... #
  • 02:47 Sat Nancy came over late and just as we were going to head out for dinnner - the vent on one of my radiators blew up in my face, literally. #
  • 02:48 It was hissing and spitting, and the instant I touched it to check the setting it blew apart and sprayed me with water and steam - joyous. #
  • 02:49 And it turned out the supply valve on that radiator woul dn't cut off the steam all the way, so I had to turn off my heat for the weekend. #
  • 02:50 For non-locals, it was single digits F this weekend. I limped along with space heaters to keep the house above freezing.. #
  • 02:52 Everything was fixed as of mid-Monday... then tonight I got a late start, then had a false alarm emergency on the way out, making me later. #
  • 02:53 So, yeah, I'm so looking forward to vacation in two weeks... Meanwhile, need to recover installed MS license keys? #
  • 04:46 @Scobleizer I'm a big fan of Vark too. I rarely ask a question, I tend to find answe rs myself fast, but I answer them all the time. #
  • 04:46 @Scobleizer The few times I have asked a question I've received some useful responses. #
  • 05:06 Really PCWorld, the iPad is coming to Verizon & AT&T? HUGE scoop, or just terrible reporting/fact checking? You decide: #
  • 08:19 @GoogleAndroidOS All of your URLs are returning 'Redirect Notice' "The previous page is sending you to an invalid url". #
  • 09:10 Just helped someone from O'Fallon, MO with a question about *taxes* ...on Aardvark! #
  • 11:23 Craigslist: Looking for Rabbi Versed in DARK TALMUDIC ARTS to create GOLEM. (Astoria, NY) (Thanks Lucas!) #
  • 11:59 @hak5darren #

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