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My tweets from the past day...

  • 01:15 @thorfi It'd be even better if @donttrythis could get it posted to the site - for her to watch and fall asleep to... #
  • 01:16 An overall fun, relaxing weekend with my gf, which ended on a discordant note - while at dinner tonight *another* radiator in my home blew. #
  • 01:17 The cloud of steam set of my ADT smoke alarm, which summoned the fire department, who broke into my home (pushed in a window AC unit)... #
  • 01:18 I had my ringer off so I only became aware of this when I checked my phone leaving the restaurant. Thanks to @usagijer & Shama for checking. #
  • 01:19 After the last o ne blew, for the nth time, I had it capped. The heating guy left a cap for me, just in case - good thing he did. #
  • 01:21 I really need to have the heat in the addition completely redone, whomever did it just did it wrong - hence the problems. Need more money. #
  • 01:23 Oh, and for the record, I'm fine with the fire department breaking in. Glad they did in fact, it could've been an actual fire. Good response #
  • 01:24 .@usagijer is the secondary contact for my alarm, so they called him when they couldn't get me. Minimal damage, I capped the radiator myself #
  • 01:30 Oh, hey, the shuttle is supposed to go up at 04:14 eastern - supposed to be visible well up the eastern seaboard. #
  • 02:26 I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) -- We Love xkcd #
  • 02:26 I favorited a YouTube video -- We Love xkcd #
  • 03:14 @ChrisPirillo Acoustic coupling... sounds like a euphemism for aural sex. *ba-doom tisch!* #
  • 04:13 @Namastizzle Launch T minus 1 minute #
  • 04:13 Shuttle about to launch #
  • 04:16 SRB sep - spectacular in a night launch. #
  • 04:23 MECO.... and there goes the ET. #
  • 04:25 Damn, that's still impressive. I think this was the last planned night launch of the shuttle too. #

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