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My tweets from the past day...

  • 05:05 His work is what got me into anime. RT @AnimeNewsNet News: American #Anime Producer Carl Macek Passes Away #
  • 05:40 @jlist remember, even Carl disowned Robotech: The Untold Story (movie) and blamed the studio for the horror produced. #
  • 05:53 I'm so screwed up right now. I spent >24 hours in bed. Came home Sat night not feeling well, and just missed all of Sunday. Very hungry now. #
  • 05:56 I did see Kick Ass on Sat. It was fun, a mix of dark & funny, ludicrous & serious. And hyper-violent, of course. #
  • 13:56 @amirg Amir, did your account get compromised? A direct message about a diet plan? #
  • 15:22 Amazon's anime sale ends I have to admit I went a *tad* overboard buying from this sale myself... #
  • 15:55 @usagijer Sure thing - I got way, way too much really - more than I should've spent, but hard to pass up the deals. #

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