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I am in Anaheim

Actually, I have been for a while.

I was going to post from the airport, but the NZ90 has a cutoff in power management. If the battery drops below 20%, it shuts off the Bluetooth. I had just started writing a post when that happened.

So I got to the hotel and didn't see any data connection other than the dataport on the phone. So I setup my laptop to use it and tried the old GTEI dialin account that had kept working for years afterwards, even after GTEI no longer existed. Well, someone finally got around to killing it - probably after Level 3 took over Genuity. The number is still good, and a modem answers, but it won't authenticate. Well, probably shouldn't have been using that (not like I've used it in a couple of years I think) since even if it *did* work I knew it was just corporate ineptitude forgetting to disable it and it shouldn't have worked.

OK, well, I know my T68i can be used as a modem via the IR link. And I had installed the dialup wizard on my PC, I just never got around to setting it up. So I got the PC talking to the phone via IR, and started playing with the wizard. No joy. The phone would try to dial, but it'd stay 'Connecting'. And I know it is config, because I can connect right away with the NZ90. But the NZ90 was configured with yet another wizard, and I don't know the secret mojo under the covers. I called AT&T support and they said they have a connection manager I can install that will make it all work. Catch-22. If I could connect to download that - I wouldn't need to download that!

Ok, so I was giving up in frustration when I looked at the stack of hotel pimpage on the table, and discovered that one of that was touting the *Wi-Fi* service the hotel provides. Doh! That's why I didn't see any data terminal. I realized, with a little irony, that I had a Wi-Fi card. A Compact Flash card for my NZ90! But I didn't have a PCMCIA card, nor an adapter (I will pick up an adapter now that I think of it, they're cheap). But the front desk will provide cards free (well, they'll charge me if I walk off with it when I leave). So now I'm up and running on WiFi.

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