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MegaZone's Safety Valve
The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
My tweets from the past day...
  • 09:25 I just unlocked the "Super Mayor" badge on @foursquare! 4sq.com/bsflM6 #
  • 09:25 I just became the mayor of UMassMemorial Medical Group on @foursquare! 4sq.com/cVdBIe #
  • 09:44 @frwarren Thanks. #
  • 10:14 I just unlocked the "Superstar" badge on @foursquare! 4sq.com/cnohqu #
  • 10:56 Holy shit, Google's home page/banner today is FUCKING AWESOME! #
  • 11:11 Awesome, hit the 'Insert Coin' button and you can do two-player simultaneous. (Her controls are over on the left side of the keyboard.) #
  • 11:13 And yes, I did use obscenities to express my strong feelings about the sheer awesomeness of the Google homepage, totally warranted IMHO. ;-) #
  • 11:28 I want to tell everyone I talk to today that they need to load the Google homepage right away - just to share the awesomeness. ;-) #
  • 11:42 Iomega 1TB USB 2.0 external drive - $85:amzn.to/9pZRn0 1TB/$85 - sometimes I just have to stop and say "Damn, I live in the future." #
  • 11:42 @trombonekenny I know, i sn't it pure, distilled awesome? #
  • 11:43 (Yes, I know, there have been cheaper deals, still, my first drive was 40MB, cost an arm and a I ran Stacker to squeeze the most out of it.) #
  • 11:48 @davezatz I'm like a little kid today with that - I can't stop saying 'awesome'. If I were a girl I'd squee. #
  • 12:06 OK, apparently it isn't obvious - YOU CAN PLAY THE PAC MAN BANNER ON GOOGLE! Use the arrow keys. Two player w/Ms. Pac Man w/Insert Coin. #
  • 12:52 .@TiVo's software to land on Technicolor DVRs: finance.yahoo.com/news/TiVo-and-Technicolor-Team-Up-iw-1655749143.html?x=0&.v=1 #
  • 13:37 Hmm, @foursquare is going all 403 when you try to look up locations - but can still check in to existing locations via history. #
  • 14:25 Could @Google by @TiVo? Patents, experience, DVR platform, user base, two well known brands, existing cable/sat deals. Google has the funds. #
  • 15:23 Even if @Google doesn't buy @TiVo, I hope they take advantage of TiVo's network control interface, especially the KB emulation in 14.x. #
  • 15:23 I suppose they could also connect to the TiVo via USB and emulate a USB HID device. #
  • 16:35 I just became the mayor of Harr Auto Body on @foursquare! 4sq.com/b08xcM #

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