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So far, so good. I've been relaxing. My legs are a bit sore because they're not used to walking all day, and I spent all day Monday and a good part of the day Tuesday walking around Disney. I have one day left on my pass, and I'm trying to decide if I want to walk over there now (it is 19:00) and hang out until midnight or so, or if I want to go over tomorrow after AX stuff. Looking at the AX schedule it looks like the last thing I really want to be part of is over at 15:00, which would theoretically give me more time to use the Disney pass...

But then, I don't know if i really need it. I've covered most of both parks, and it is kind of nicer at night once the sun is down anyway.

I have had one annoying event. I had my NZ90 with me on Monday, since I stopped to do some testing at the VCom kiosk at the 7-Eleven on the corner on the way to the park. No problem, it was fine all day. I carried it in my back pocket. On the way back I stopped at Denny's for dinner (it is right across from the park entrance) and I played some Bejeweled while waiting for things. Ok. Well, later, in the hotel, I discovered that the metal case had cracked and a small chunk had gone missing. Right on the bottom next to the CF slot, encompassing a screw hole. I don't get it - I don't recall hitting it on anything, and between Denny's and the hotel I certainly didn't. I just walked back. The screw was in my pocket, but the missing piece is plain missing. The unit is still functional, and it isn't falling apart or anything, but it is annoying to have this hole in it, and it has a ragged edge. I don't get it. Oh well, I actually thought it would bother me more than it does..

I ended up staying up most of the night last night since I got back late, close to 2AM. Then I got online, and I spent some time putting together a basic page for PMX events for when the site goes live.

Oh, I have discovered that having a wireless headset for my phone is neat for a few reasons:
- I've had a number of people ask me in the past few days what the headset was, how it worked, and where they could get one.
- I had a few random people at Disney think I worked there. ;-)
- Mike T. called me to discuss some PMX stuff while I was at Disney on Monday, so I was walking around the park having a conversation with him. Of course, unless you're on my right you probably can't see the headset at all, even then people didn't get it. So I think I left a trail of people thinking a madman was in the park. I *know* there were some, because I could hear them talking to each other. And a few cases of "Who is that guy talking to?" "He's got a headset on, see? *point*" between couples, parents and kids, etc. I enjoyed that too much I think.

Tomorow AX starts. Monday I fly home. I'm already wishing I had more time off.
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