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  • 13:25 @JenniferMorrow Drat, ousted as mayor of WCU! I need to spend more cash so I hit the ATM more often. ;-) #
  • 13:33 Oh, hey, the new episodes of Futurama start *tonight* on Comedy Central! Yay! #
  • 13:43 Oh phooey, the info was bad. They're just airing Into the Wild Green Yonder. One of the video releases. #
  • 13:47 OK, double correction. 'Wild Green' is at 8. There ARE new episodes starting at 10. So yay again! #
  • 14:00 @blam The novelty of newness. #
  • 14:02 L ive Ani DiFranco web concert tonight on and at 20:00 PST, from Ex'pression College for Digital Arts in CA #
  • 18:39 @jephjacques CNET had a video today where they tested it and were able to reproduce the dropped signal repeatedly. #
  • 18:39 @jephjacques Looks like it happens when you bridge the seams in the metal edge - and it varies person to person, probably skin conductivity #
  • 18:41 @jephjacques Since the metal edge is the antenna, bridging the seams probably changes the effective length of the antenna. #
  • 18:41 @davezatz After 8 months with my Droid I have less interest in the iPhone than I ever did, and it was never high. ;-) #
  • 18:42 So how you hold the iPhone4 can kill your reception. Nice! CNET tested it, looks like it is bridging the seams in the antennas that does it. #
  • 18:43 CNET isn't the only one RT @saschasegan: I confirm the iPhone Death Grip here at PCMag Labs: #
  • 18:45 @Pogue In CNET's tests it seems it happens if you bridge the seams in the antenna. And it varies by person (skin conductivity I'd bet). #
  • 18:46< /em> @aots Pretty, but I'd take the Droid X or Droid Incredible anyway (I have the Droid). And IPS will come to Android phones too. #
  • 18:57 RT @dduane: Argh, why are we letting pertussis kill our kids again??!! "Whooping cough an epidemic in California" #
  • 18:58 That is what we do vaccinations people. When you don't have a sufficient vaccination density in the population, people die. Period. #
  • 18:59 I'd wish for every anti-vax person to contract some serious by preventable disease - but the idiots would just overwhelm the group immunity. #
  • 22:36 @blackcoat She didn't have you vaccinated? #
  • 22:39 @Scobleizer Did you try another browser? I've had my Gmail cookie get b0rked. Deleting the cookie brought it back for me. #
  • 22:41 @ryan I used to carry six RFID badges and one key fob for my last job. #
  • 23:32 Man, I made some typos earlier... 'what we do vaccinations'? Why, not what... etc. #

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