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If you're going to AX, something to try while in Anaheim...

7-Eleven has been rolling out kiosk units into their stores, including the stories in Anaheim - like the one on the corner of Katella and Harbor by the ACC.

One of the features of the kiosk is 'Internet Shopping'. Basically you can buy a limited number of items from the kiosk, with cash, and have them shipped to you - like buying over the web. The selection today is small, but it is growing as more merchants are added, and the software is updated to handle more categories, sub-categories, etc. Also, some merchants should also be taking credit cards soon.

Why do I know this, or care? Because the little startup I work for, Cyphermint, is partnered with 7-Eleven and NCR on this project. We created the shopping application, and our payment system is used on the back-end. I'm one of the Professional Services engineers, and I've helped to shape some of the architecture, and some of the back-end code is mine. I also work with merchants, helping to the integrate their e-commerce sites into the kiosk.

So, if anyone tries this out while at the con (or if a 7-Eleven near you has one) I'd love to get real end-user feedback on the system. I had my first real 'field trial' experience Monday. I did some testing on the kiosk since I'm out here - they haven't rolled out any to stores in MA yet, which is where Cyphermint is.
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