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I decided not to do Disney again tonight - want to do it when I have more tiime, so I'll try tomorrow. Instead I think I'll go have dinner someplace nicer than Denny's - since I've had dinner there three nights in a row. If I don't get to the park again this trip, the 3rd day on my pass is still good into 2005 - and I'll be back here for pmx in early 2004 anyway. But I should have some time tomorrow afternoon/evening.

And yes, I *like* Disney. I know it is a manufactured environment, etc, etc. BFD. I admire their ability to construct an illusion and get people to forget the outside world for a while. Disneyland is even more impressive than Disney World, because it is smack in the middle of Anaheim, surrounded by streets and businesses, etc. It doesn't have the isolation DW has been afforded. I had more fun in California Adventure since I'm not a big 'Magic Kingdom' kind of guy, but I still enjoy some bits of MK like Tomorrow Land, and such. I don't even go on a lot of the rides - I just like strolling around, people watching, and not thinking about anything else.

Though I do really wish I wasn't doing it alone *again*. Someday I *will* manage to be in a relationship at this time of year and she'll be able to go with me.
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