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AX Saturday night - Duel Jewel

So, did anyone go to the Duel Jewel show Saturday night?

Even though I'm not on AX staff anymore, I got asked to help with security - so I was the big, tall, shaved-headed guy assigned to stand dead front and center in front of the performance area throughout the show.

The show ended a little before 21:00, it is 05:57 now - my ears are still ringing. And not so much from the band - it is from the screams of the fan girls. Damn... ;-)

There must be a gazillion photos with me in them now, judging from the number of flashbulbs I was staring into. (I wouldn't mind seeing them actually.)

Kind of interesting, having a number of screaming women pushing themselves into you trying to get at the band, which is behind you. After the show one woman commented to me "We didn't really need you, we held them back" - well, it helped, but believe me, I know when I'm *pushing hard* back against a crush of people trying to get at the singer behind me. There were a number of points when I was actually pushed back a bit into the riser, which would move.

For the lovely, by tiny, woman who was to my immediate left throughout the show (who told me I was "So tall!" (I'm 6'6")), I hope you had a good time and I didn't block your view too much. I wanted to check with you at the end because I felt a little bad about how you were getting crunched a lot, but I turned away and when I turned back you were gone.
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