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  • Sat, 23:49: Just helped someone from San Francisco, CA with a question about *cell phone* ...on Aardvark! http://vark.com/t/nwQhkb
  • Sun, 01:27: Idle curiosity, how many people call the '!' operator in vi the 'dammit' operator? As in 'w!' = write, dammit! or 'q!' = quit, dammit!
  • Sun, 01:29: Queue the "What's vi?" questions. And the "I use emacs" comments. I prefer emacs myself actually, but knowing vi is useful as it is common.
  • Sun, 04:46: Fscking Classmates.com, they auto-renew paid accounts. I found out reviewing my last card statement, and they refuse to refund renewals.
  • Sun, 04:47: I contested the charge and even if i have to pay I'm going to delete my account as soon as they let me - you can't self-delete paid accounts
  • Sun, 04:48: I don't even know why I paid, curiosity I guess. Classmates.com is a worthless site, definitely not worth paying for - use Facebook.
  • Sun, 05:30: Classmates.com responded to my request to delete my account - with bullshit about it'll expire in Dec 2011 and they hope I'll use the site.
  • Sun, 05:31: What part of "I wish to remove all traces of my account form your site immediately. How may I do this?" is hard to understand Classmates.com
  • Sun, 05:37: Maybe I should just set all of the info in my account to vulgarities to make them delete it. Like "Fuck Classmates.com" for my name...
  • Sun, 05:57: The funny thing is Classmates.com is literally next door to F5. Next time I'm at corporate I'm tempted to walk over to have a chat...
  • Sun, 06:32: Man, the more I look into Classmates.com's history online the more I realize what scumbags they are. Filed a complaint with the BBB too.


From: zeeke42 Date: January 18th, 2011 09:09 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
I always thought it was pretty clear that classmates.com was a borderline scam. Everything I ever saw out of them looked designed to entrap people who have little internet experience.

Little internet experience didn't really capture what I wanted to say. Is there a term for non-technical people who would tend to fall for phishing scams and the like? For some people, 'people like my mom' encapsulates what I mean. Is there a term I'm unaware of?