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MegaZone's Safety Valve
The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
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  • Wed, 12:34: Nancy & I bought a new bedroom set last night. We're all grown up and stuff. It is replacing the set I've had since I was 12. No, really.
  • Wed, 12:35: My parents bought a nice solid wood bedroom set for our new home when I was 12. It eventually caught up with me post-college when they moved
  • Wed, 13:28: Just got my copy of Stross' The Trade of Queens from Amazon, looking forward to reading this. The Fuller Memorandum paperback hits in June.
  • Wed, 13:33: Yes, I still read dead tree editions. I've tried reading on my PDA/phone and can't get into it. Still thinking about a Kindle, not sold yet.
  • Wed, 13:34: Well, that makes two Twitter spambots reported and blocked today, can we try for three?
  • Wed, 13:51: So how long until Apple kills off Mac OS and just makes everything iOS-based?
  • Wed, 13:56: And there's three spambots.
  • Wed, 15:00: I'll be watching to see what the 4G options shape up to be. The original Galaxy Tab landed on all carriers, so... http://soc.li/2Zxe7Lb
  • Wed, 15:46: It looks like Shout Factory is going to be releasing Jem on DVD. (Hopefully this time the whole thing, unlike Rhino.) http://giz.lv/igLHd4
  • Wed, 15:48: And yes, I'm a Jem fan from the 80s. Jem and Robotech were my daily shows. Want to make something of it? ;-) (Stormer all the way, BTW.)