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Magdalen Hsu-Li

A recent post about other artists in righteousbabes brought Magdalen Hsu-Li back into my thoughts. I hadn't listened to her for some months - I have so many CDs and like so many different kinds of music that I often just grab random discs. Re-listening to her I remember how blown away I was when I first heard her a year or two ago. Not since I'd first heard Ani in 1993 had an artist's music really grabbed me in the same way.

Looks like she'll be in MA in coming months, I think I need to try to catch one of those shows.

Music and Lyrics by Magdalen Hsu-Li
C. 1999 F.H.A.A.S.S. Music

I've been a torment to my mother and father
A loser, reject, dutiful daughter
Brutalized and terrorized, and ostracized by some
I've been open eyed and criticized,
Demoralized, and demonized by all the lies
Objectified, and fetishized by some
I've been a painter, dancer, lover, whore
An emblem of the dirty score
That lives inside of all of us
A shadow that won't go away
I've been raped and frightened to my knees
A good little girl who wants to please
Free as the breeze I laugh with ease
At the way we view social disease

Redefinition of identity

I am a drummer, singer, player, and writer
A person of intense inner fire
A music maker, a booty shaker, a big risk taker
I was the person who gave you free refills
When you were high on dope and drugged on pills
A superwoman all bluster and bluff
A wimp who can barely pick herself up
I've been yellow with pride and white at the gills
Black with anger and burning with skills
Red with passion and brown with age
Cause my mind is a set but my heart is a stage
I've been pushing and pushing all of my life
To evolve through truth and to change by might
I will never be done until I begin
To redefine who I am once again

Redefinition of identity

Well maybe you dream of being rich
As you're chasing after that big bright star
But do you really have insight and clarity?
Do you really know who you are?
It's a sea of sharks and charlatans
As you navigate round the bends
And sometimes you don't even end up
With any money, power, or friends
So I am rolling the dice as you call my name
I've got nothing to lose and no one to blame
I am young but with foresight I can see
A wider vision of equality
I am picking steam.ahead of the game
I don't know who you are but I know who I am
I am nothing like all of your other girls
I am thinking ahead for the rest of the world

Redefinition of identity

There are RealAudio samples on her site too:
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