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Geek Impulse Shopping

So I'm chatting in IM with usagijer about high speed net access options, since the T1 for his new home is in limbo. I thought might be an option, since they have kick-ass service and are really a bunch of geeks anyway. They have a great reputation for reliable DSL with good service and support. So I'm surfing their site, looking at what they offer by the way of ADSL, SDSL, and T1...

And I noticed they have a 1.5Mbps/768Kbps ADSL line for $99.95/month which includes two static IPs and some nice bells and whistles, and they practically encourage you to run your own servers - as opposed to most ISPs that forbid it.

So I called them, just out of curiosity, just to ask what kind of hassle I'd have to go through to change over my current Verizon ADSL to their service. Since it is the same pair of copper I figured I'd have to have one service deactivated, then be without service, then get the other activated. And it'd be a real pain.

No, Speakeasy is able to just change over an existing ADSL circuit from Verizon to them. They ship me a new TA, then I'll get a notice that my service will go down on some date. At that point I swap the TA, and I'm up on Speakeasy. I should be down for 2 hours, with a max of one day on the outside. Very easy.

Yeah, you've probably figured out by now that I ordered the service on the spot. One less excuse for not putting my own server back online to mess with forum coding and the like...

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