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The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
I did a double header tonight. After work a co-worker and I went to see the 22:05 showing of T3 at Solomon Pond Mall. That got out in time for me to zip over to Worcester Showcase North to see the 00:50 showing of LXG.

Both movies are OK, but I definitely enjoyed LXG more. T3 was kind of flat, and the jokes seemed forced. LXG had moments that made me laugh, and a few moments that made me go "Oh yeah!" Which is more than most movies do for me. "These men are mine!" Oh hell yeah, I liked that.

Oh, and Mina was all kinds of hot, IMHO. Feral and refined... pushed a lot of my buttons, she did. ;-) And Dorian was just too cool really.

I'm kind of sorry that Dorian was a villian, because I liked his amorality so much. I was kind of hoping he might redeem himself since he was blackmailed into doing what he did. It doesn't bother me too much, but still, he had all the aplomb. "I'm... complicated."

Mina seems like one freaky chick, especially with the way she reacted to Mr. Hyde. ;-)

That was one sweet ride, I loved the car.

There was one scene that bugged me though. Sawyer (is he supposed to be Tom Sawyer?) is on deck with Allan when Allan is shooting. After Sawyer makes the callous remark about Allan teaching his son how to shoot, and Allan leaves, Sawyer does something unforgivably DUMB. He has a double-barrelled gun, and he's only fired once. We clearly see that the other hammer is FULLY COCKED. In fact, he was about to shoot when he makes the remark. After doing so he places the butt of the gun on the deck, then crosses his hands over the muzzle - then he RESTS HIS CHIN ON HIS HANDS! This is a high-powered weapon, apparently a rifle, loaded and cocked. And he's got the damn thing pointing up through his, apparently empty, brain box. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, that screamed at me.

It annoys me that there were two lines during the movie that made me say "I love that line" - one was "These men are mine!', the other I CANNOT REMEMBER NOW. But it happened earlier in the film, and one of the men said it. Ugh.

Skinner got toasted, I'm surprised he didn't die from the burns, considering the day and age. And he seemed to be fine at the end of the movie - like he was unscarred.

LXG was a lot of fun.

As for T3, um, well, there really wasn't much of a plot, I thought both the lead female and the Terminatrix were pretty but not *sexy* like Mina, and it was really just an SFX & stunt wank fest that didn't do a lot to fill in the universe.

For me the absolute best scene, hands down, were the two T1 droids looking at each other and *shrugging*. That was funny. And I like how the doctor from T2 was back. But overall, not inspiring.

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From: dirteecrayon Date: July 12th, 2003 09:32 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
i liked the transformation scenes of jeykell(sp). Especially the scene where the 2nd Bigger scary looking jekell is dying and the focus on his face --- really cool!

dorian was so pretty --- he tweezes lol!

i thought it was a great movie and i sense a sequel...

cykotek From: cykotek Date: July 12th, 2003 11:02 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
Perhaps you are thinking of Dorian's reply to the question, "What are you?!?" His reply being, "I'm complicated".

The only other one that sticks in my head is Nemo's line "I follow a different path" right before opening a can of spinning-martial-arts whoopass.