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This makes me really sad for some reason

Mohawk Mall

That was my local mall for most of my youth, it was just down Balltown Road from my high school too. I really dug the retro style, and it was built the year I was born. The floor was plain concrete with inlaid brick strips that had light posts in them - it was make to look like an outdoor sidewalk, which I thought was pleasantly funky. Many memories, good and bad, tied to that place. Mohawk REALLY started to die when the gigundous Crossgates Mall opened (and that's BEFORE they about doubled the size of Crossgates), and the opening of the new mall in Rotterdam (is that just Rotterdam Center or something? I think it has a cute name - and dig the mini-cemetery in the fenced off area outside the food court if you go. ;-) ) really finished it off. (Then there was the hair-brained 'Canal Square' effort in downtown Schenectady. Schenectady has been a dieing city since I was a kid, and it is still on the slow slide to ghost town I think.)

Northway Mall

This was kind of a small mall, directly across the street from Colonie Center, which was big - and recently expanded to HUGE. Not as many ties, though it was a fscking long bike ride from where I lived, and my best friend lived closer, so we'd hit the Cine 10 for cheap flicks. They also used to have a store that sold popcorn. Yeah, that was their big thing. All kinds of funky flavored popcorn, and you could even buy HUGE BAGS (like lawn and garden size) bags of it fairly cheap. Which my HS best friend and I did once. After making ourselves sick on 1/100th of the bag, we started building motorized Lego devices to fling the rest around the room.

This one will always be the Pyramid Mall to me.

Clifton Country Mall *always* seemed to be kind of rocky, even when it had all four anchor stores. It was kind of the other way from where were lived, compared to Mohawk Mall, and it is fairly close to where my parents' camp is on Ballston Lake now. So I've been in and out of there over the years. Lots of 'Big Box' stores going up around that area, which might finally kill this mall. It does have a kind of funky shape though.

This one is right on the way from the Northway to the camp.

So many of the things I associated with my past are gone, or going away.

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