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Google+ Pages Launch Wide, Gizmo Lovers Now Has One

Google Logo Google today launched Google+ Pages, which allow non-individuals to have pages on G+. Non-individual means companies, brands, performers, blogs, etc. The same idea as Facebook fan pages, etc. They even put together a little video to promote them:

Now that Google+ Pages are available I’ve created one for Gizmo Lovers, joining the Facebook page and Twitter Feed. I also added a quick link to the page in the navigation column to the right. There don’t appear to be any WordPress plugins for auto-posting new content into G+. (There are a few for pulling content from G+ into WordPress.) That’s not surprising considering it just launched and it doesn’t look like Google has published a posting API yet, so I’ll be manually posting links there for now. For the past few days I’ve been sharing Gizmo Lovers posts on my personal G+ profile, but now that Gizmo Lovers has its own page I will no longer be doing so. This is the last one I’ll share there.

If you want to create your own G+ Page, hit up

They also launched Direct Connect, which allows users to add entities to their G+ Circles directly from Google search results when they prepend a ‘+’ to the search term. So instead of searching on ‘Pepsi’ and getting the usual results, seach on ‘+Pepsi’ and it takes you directly to the Pepsi G+ Page. And they released a quick video on that as well:

You have to satisfy some secret formula for Google to deign you worthy of Direct Connect, so it only works for select pages currently.

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