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Teen Titans

So I'm watching Teen Titans, which premiered tonight...

- Is that Shonen Knife singing the theme? Ok, no, Puffy AmiYumi. Crossing up my J-Rock chick bands. ;-)

- Ok, so they're obviously trying for a heavy anime look, and trying to be quirky. But I don't think it really works. The look is cheap at times, and the deliberate quirkyness of the writing seems more forced than funny. Plus some of the sight gags they pull break the anime feel. And the stupid things like the building moving aro

- Starfire doesn't come across so much as alien as idiotic. Geez.

Eh, I dunno, passable, but they keep going downhill. The animated Batman series were great, the Superman series was pretty good too, but then Justice League has been iffy, and this show is kinda weak.
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