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  • Wed, 13:35: I just backed GoldieBlox: The Engineering Toy for Girls on @Kickstarter
  • Wed, 15:51: I liked a @YouTube video The Hobbit - Official Trailer #2 [1080p HD]
  • Wed, 23:16: Watching Revolution via @TiVo. Electricity? OK. But why not diesels? Steam engines? Water mills? Gas light? Lots of non-electric options.
  • Wed, 23:23: Lots of railroad tracks. Lots of steam locomotives still around. Why does it seem like no one put them to use? Lots of decay for 15 years.
  • Wed, 23:39: A 15 year old Flovent inhaler? Yeah, I bet that would still be useful. Not like it loses potency and expires or anything.
  • Wed, 23:57: Why does the militia use swords, crossbows, and muskets? Modern firearms clearly work, and brass is reloadable. They're the *militia*.
  • Thu, 00:00: If there is no power, and no phones, what is she dialing into over PPP with that modem? (I paused to read the screen, she runs K-shell.)
  • Thu, 11:28: Just approved the granite pieces for our new bathroom vanity tops. (Absolute Black downstairs, Blue Pearl upstairs.) This is happening.
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