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  • Tue, 16:13: .@Google's idiotic Names Policy is still going strong; my G+ account was flagged. I submitted proof of ID; we'll see how it goes. BS hassle.
  • Tue, 16:16: I was so tempted to just change my name to 'Fred Meyer' and set MegaZone as my nickname to show how stupid the @Google Names Policy is.
  • Tue, 17:21: I just unlocked the "I Voted 2012" badge on @foursquare!
  • Tue, 17:54: RT @ardaniel: If you're in line when the polls close, you still get to vote, so stay the fuck in line!
  • Tue, 17:55: I just voted. First time there has been a line outside.
  • Tue, 18:42: Are you fucking kidding me @google? I sent you a copy OF MY LICENSE and you rejected my appeal of your Names Policy? WTF?!
  • Wed, 00:06: Washington State legalized pot? Visits to F5 HQ just got more interesting. ;-)
  • Wed, 00:15: It looks like Obama is going to totally spank Romney in the electoral college if he takes Virginia and Florida as projected.
  • Wed, 00:17: RT @vicjackshow: I can't stop crying. America died.
  • Wed, 00:22: @zgryphon Nice new image, dude. ;-)
  • Wed, 00:50: Oh, I'd missed Colorado also legalizing pot. Cue 'Mile HIGH' jokes.
  • Wed, 00:51: RT @fashionpirate: the first disabled woman, the first openly lesbian woman, and the first Asian woman have all been elected into Senate ...
  • Wed, 01:45: My name issues with Google+ are resolved, no more threat of having my account suspended.
  • Wed, 01:57: This is a great speech... but I'm kind of fascinated by #hairflag in the background.
  • Wed, 02:00: Yeah, this is definitely a 2nd term victory speech. "Fuck it, I won and I can't run again, I'm just going to say anything I want to. YEAH!"
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