MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

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  • Sun, 06:18: I hadn't thought of FidoNet in years... now I'm remembering the Because It's Time Network too... aka BITNET. I had a BITNET address at WPI.
  • Sun, 07:54: stewardish asked: Your “I could out fedorasofokc if I wanted to” post is deeply disturbing to me.
  • Sun, 07:58: josephurgolookingatthings asked: wait you had your wedding in Epcot that is so cool
  • Sun, 08:04: haganenoneko asked: I have to say, I’m impressed that a fedora wearing guy named Megazone turned out to be a...
  • Sun, 09:01: Ugh, I hate it when I'm desperate for sleep but can't. Just staring at the ceiling, listening to my own heartbeat. Frustrating.
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