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What the frelling day is it anyway?

So it is 09:30 and I'm at work. *Still* at work. As in, round the clock.

I have a few more things to do, but I did manage to finish the main task that kept me here. There is a trade show Friday that sales is going to, and they made up a bunch of CDs of sales stuff to hand out, including a link to a demo of our payment technology. Said demo didn't fully exist until an hour or so ago, and it didn't exist at all mid-day yesterday. Guess who wrote it. Check it out. The idea is that we'll have more demos - Item #3 will become a list of demos instead of just a link to the one. But we had to get the first one up for tomorrow. Soon we'll do demos showing subscription payments, micro-payments, pay per access, etc.

Right now the scripts are talking to a Cash Register and Web Adapter running on my laptop, the last thing I need to do is install production copies on the rack mount box and configure the scripts to use those instead. But the coding is done. Well, there are things I want to improve, but I need to do that when rested.

My boss is on the road today, but he called and told me I can just go home once that's done. And I have permission to come in late Friday and work a short day. :-)
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