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I'm still a little tired, but I just can't stay in bed longer, I was down for almost 14 hours. My body still wants a little rest, but my brain started racing thinking about all the little things I need to do, and it won. At least there is a piss-up tonight. :-)

In closing my trouble ticket with Speakeasy they included a report from Covad, so now I know my line's performance:
Actual Port Rates: 928 kbps Downstream / 768 kbps Upstream

Not quite the 1.5Mbps/768Kbps I signed up for, but I know the limitations of DSL technology, and, IIRC, I'm >10k feet from the CO. Still, that's pretty good, and good enough to run a simple server on since I won't be streaming video or something. :-)

I guess no one has tried out the demo, or someone would've commented on the 'products' available. :-)
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