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MegaZone's Safety Valve

The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind

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26 December 1970
Hi there! So I guess I should say something about myself. I grew up in upstate NY - the Schenectady area. I moved to Worcester, MA in 1989 to attend WPI. I went in as an Aerospace major, but I graduated in 1994 as a double major in Technical Writing and History. I moved to Berkeley, CA in August 1995 for work, and then moved back to Waltham, MA in February 1998. I moved back to Worcester in June 2002, and I'm still there.

I'm a professional geek - I'm kind of a hack of all trades, but these days I'm a Beta Program Manager and Blogger Liaison for Sling Media, makers of the Slingbox. I've bounced through Xylogics (now part of Nortel), Livingston (now part of Lucent), GTE Internetworking (now part of Level 3), Event Zero (now defunct), and Cyphermint (also defunct) - plus contracting a bit.

I've been online since 1989 when I got to WPI. I've done a few things in that time. I ran the original Ani Difranco website and maintained her email lists for six years, before the days of web forums and before RBR decided to create their own website. Actually I held onto three of their domains for several years to keep them out of the hands of squatters. :-)

I also worked on the HTML 4, CSS 2, and Web Accessability Initiative recommendation working groups as part of the W3C, and participated in the IETF's RADIUS working group.

I'm something of a TiVo fanatic:
The list of shows I currently record.
My infamous TiVo RFE list.
You'll find me on tivolovers and the alt.video.ptv.tivo newsgroup often, but these days I'm mainly occupied with my blog, Gizmo Lovers.

I'm also deeply into anime. I staffed Anime Expo for 11 years, including being #2 on Anime Expo New York. I also helped with the early planning for Anime Boston. I was also involved with Pacific Media Expo (pmx) until work and life conspired to make me resign - but now I'm working with PMX again. I'm also a co-founder of Eyrie Productions.

I maintain the tivolovers, bluraydisc, disasterporn, jamesburke, magdalenhsuli, wormtownsingles, bostonsingles, epu, pmx, and sharedcalendars communities.

Oh, and my full legal name is MegaZone. No, my parents didn't name me that. Yes, I changed it. Effective April 12, 2000.

Search my website and journal:
Google Custom Search

If you feel compelled to buy me something, this is my Amazon wishlist.

I have several private filters for people on my friends list. If I've friended you and you think you should be on one of these, let me know:
Gweep - people from GweepCo/GweepNet
BOFH - people from BOFHNet
Eyrie - Members of Eyrie Productions
Work - for people who want to hear me vent about work
KBlogger - reposts of my Kblogger entries in my LJ

Note: I make the final decision about who gets on my filters. Got it?

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